The Kurama Reiki Talks Video Series

The Kurama Reiki Talks Video Series

The Kurama Reiki Talks Video Series includes eight streaming videos recorded in Japan and Hawaii. William Rand provides information while in Japan at the birthplace of Usui Sensei, the Usui Memorial at Saihoji Temple, Mount Kurama, and in Ashiya, Japan, during an interview with Hiroshi Doi Sensei. In Hilo, Hawaii, at the site of her former Reiki Clinic, William provides insight into the life and lasting impact of Hawayo Takata.

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Usui’s Birthplace and Early Life
Village of Taniai
Yamagata, Gifu, Japan
Time 2:25
The setting for this brief conversation is the tranquil environment of the Tenyo Shrine, in the birth village of Usui Sensei.

Usui Sensei Receives the Gift of Reiki
Osugi Gongen
Kurama Yama, Japan
Time 8:50
Against the backdrop of Kurama Yama, William shares the fascinating story of how Usui Sensei came to possess the precious gift of Reiki. Usui Sensei’s spiritual journey towards Anshin Ritsumei, or spiritual peacefulness, is detailed, including his fasting and preparations for death on Mount Kurama and his eventual discovery of his healing powers. William explains how Usui Sensei helped during the Great Kanto Earthquake and introduced the attunement process, three Reiki symbols, and the Japanese Reiki Techniques to facilitate fast Reiki transmission to others.

The Legacy of Usui Sensei
Usui Memorial, Saihoji Temple
Suginami-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Time 1:56
The Usui Memorial, in Tokyo’s Saihoji Temple, is a serene and sacred site serving as the resting place of Usui Sensei. William discusses the legacy of Usui Sensei, as well as the memorial stone that honors his life, achievements, and contribution to the development of Reiki.

Recitation of the Usui Memorial Stone Inscription
Usui Memorial, Saihoji Temple
Suginami-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Time 11:17
William recites an English translation of the Old Japanese inscription on the Usui Memorial stone, detailing Usui Sensei’s family background, education, and spiritual journey leading to the discovery of Reiki. The inscription refers to his travels to share Reiki, his talents, character, and commitment to teaching Reiki and practicing the Five Precepts daily.

Reiki Kanji Talk
Osugi Gongen
Kurama Yama, Japan
Time 16:36
In his presentation, William explores the origin of kanji, the characters used in traditional Japanese writing. Originating in China around 1600 BC, the Japanese eventually adopted this writing style around 400 AD and used in Usui Sensei’s era. William offers a detailed analysis of the meaning and healing implications of the Reiki kanji, how it expresses “spiritually guided life force energy,” how Reiki guides itself, ways to develop your Reiki energy, and using Reiji-ho or intuition for hand placements.

Usui Reiki Symbols
Osugi Gongen
Kurama Yama, Japan
Time 30:04
William explores the transcendental quality of the Usui Level II and Master Reiki symbols, the empowering effect of attunement, and the symbol activation process. He reviews each, sharing its source, the private, sacred name and meaning, use and effects, and how to use the symbols in a session. PLEASE NOTE: The Kurama Reiki Talks Video Series is available for sale to the general public. For this reason, the Reiki Symbols in this video have been blurred. Reiki students can refer to their manuals for the symbols if needed.

The Story of Takata Sensei
Hawayo Takata’s Reiki Clinic
Hilo, Hawaii
Time 17:04
The setting for this talk is the Reiki clinic, where Mrs. Takata both practiced and taught Reiki classes. William talks about her life in Hawaii, healing in Japan with Reiki treatments, training in Reiki, and returning to Hawaii with Hayashi Sensei teaching and providing sessions. He discusses Takata Sensei’s clinic and her distinct attunement, treatment, and teaching method, emphasizing her essential role in safeguarding Reiki’s authenticity and worldwide growth.

Hiroshi Doi Sensei Is Interviewed
On October 24, 2016, with William Lee Rand
Ashiya, Japan
Time 45:49
Hiroshi Doi Sensei, a Japanese Reiki Master, has extensively researched the history and practice of Usui Reiki Ryoho. He belongs to the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, the organization founded by Usui Sensei to ensure the preservation of the history and practice of Usui Reiki. In this interview, Doi Sensei offers insights into the nature of Reiki energy, its source, and how Reiki can provide health, happiness, and spiritual development, paving the way for a more significant and fulfilling life. Fumi Koji provides translation.

The Kurama Reiki Talks Video Series