Spiritual Protection and Healing - Audio

Spiritual Protection and Healing - Audio

By William Lee Rand

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Track One - Spiritual Protection and Healing
One of the greatest difficulties in life is often dealing with negative psychic and psychological energies from other people. Negative psychic energy can come from fellow workers, competitors, friends, relatives and relationships. It is often in the form of irrational anger, hate, envy or fear and is usually unconscious, but it can also be consciously and deliberately directed at you.

Negative psychic energy from others can cause stress, nervousness, lack of confidence, weakness, sleeplessness, poor health aches and pains in your body and energy depletion.

It is no longer necessary to be affected by others' negative energy. The Spiritual Protection and Healing recording uses a form of deep hypnosis called spiritual hypnosis to place a protective barrier of psychic healing energy around you that not only prevents negative energy from reaching you, but actually transmutes negative energy into healing energy and directs it to heal the cause of the negative energy. In addition, it prevents others from taking your energy, breaks all psychic cords connected to negative sources of influence, places a cloud of healing energy around you, and attunes you to your guides and Higher-Self.

Track Two - The Healing Center Within
Track two of this forms a powerful connection between your Higher-Self and your subconscious mind and establishes The Healing Center Within.

The major problems, restrictions and challenging situations in your life contain opportunities for you to grow and develop. Within them are the lessons you need to learn so as to progress on your spiritual path and become fulfilled.

Making use of the great wisdom, love and healing power of the Higher-Self, The Healing Center Within knows everything you have ever done, in this life and all your past lives. It knows all about your problems and it knows exactly what you need to do to solve them. It will start a process to completely heal you and guide you on your path of spiritual development as it empowers you to balance your karma and learn your life lessons.

This recording is a breakthrough in spiritual protection and healing. It combines knowledge and techniques from shamanism, neuro-linguistic programming and self-hypnosis. This is a powerful self-hypnosis recording that causes the user to be more centered, healthy and in touch with her or his own inner wisdom and personal power regardless of the psychic environment. The effects are posthypnotic; if listened to regularly, they are continuous.

Benefits of these two self-hypnosis tools
These are valuable tools to assist those who are actively walking their spiritual path: deep level self-hypnosis for spiritual protection and healing. This recording helps you:

Create a protective field of psychic energy around you that prevents negative energy from reaching you.

Transmute negative energy into healing energy.

Attune to your guides and Higher-Self.

Protect from & permanently break all curses, hexes and black spells.

Activate The Healing Center Within.

Balance karma, learn life lessons & advance spiritually.

"As I work intensely on my spiritual growth, the clearer my light becomes. As I grow, at times I sense less than light energy directed toward me . This energy can come from others, or even parts of my own being which are in need of healing. The recording by William Rand, "Spiritual Protection and Healing", has been invaluable to me during this time of rapid growth. Not only does it help one create an energy of protection, but it assists in transforming negative energy into healing energy, that is redirected to heal the source. This is a most positive tool for protection and healing."

Laurelle Shanti Gaia, Reiki Master Teacher

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Spiritual Protection and Healing - Audio